Mine Conkbayir Conference The Neuroscience of Early Intervention: One Practitioner at a Time

Following on from the success of her first, sell-out conference in 2019, Mine’s 2020 Neuroscience conference will now take place online on Saturday 14 November and will showcase new insights from the neurosciences which appear to provide the foundation for mental health and wellbeing. Presenters including Dr Janet Rose, Dr Richard Churches, Jackie Wilson and Amanda Frolich, will highlight important neurobiological and neurophysiological research which is enriching our understanding of human relationships and behaviour, as well as exploring the potential of innovative approaches to advance the translation of laboratory evidence into classroom practice, to help bridge this ‘democratic deficit’ in education research, as Dr Richard Churches brings to our attention.

This will be an interactive conference, filled with lots of practical ideas for you to use in your daily practice and opportunities for reflection and dialogue between presenters and delegates throughout the day.

*If you had already purchased a full-priced ticket for the originally scheduled March conference, you will be automatically enrolled for the November online conference, and you will receive your login details nearer the time. You will also be entitled to a £20 refund on a full price March ticket due to the cancellation of venue and catering; please get in touch to arrange this*

Conference Presenters

Mine Conkbayir

Dr Mine Conkbayir

Mine is a lecturer, award-winning author and trainer. She has worked in the field of early childhood education and care for over 17 years. Mine is the winner of the Nursery Management Today (NMT) Top 5 Most Inspirational People in Childcare Award. Her PhD was in early childhood education and neuroscience to develop her work in the complex and challenging subject of infant brain development. Her key objective is to bridge the gap between neuroscience and Early Years discourse and practice. She hopes that her research will provide the necessary evidence to seek solutions to this persistent issue, with the ultimate goal of enhancing provision for babies, children and young adults.

Janet Rose

Dr Janet Rose is currently Principal of Norland College, a specialist early years college, and is a former Reader in Education and Associate Professor at Bath Spa University. She initially trained as a primary teacher and early years specialist and has worked in a range of schools and early years settings both in England and abroad. She has a particular interest in applying neuroscientific research into practice and was Project Leader of a national research project called Attachment Aware Schools and Settings which was a comprehensive programme of support for children affected by early attachment difficulties, trauma and neglect, and incorporated evidence-based strategies for supporting children’s behaviour and wellbeing based on recent neuroscientific research.   Emotion Coaching was one of these key strategies and Janet has developed several research projects on the use of Emotion Coaching in schools and early years settings to support children’s mental health.  She is the co-Founder of Emotion Coaching UK and has led training for a number of Local Authorities and professional organisations in the UK.  She has also worked with various government organisations and has presented her research at the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  She has written numerous publications on topics related to the application of neuroscientific findings, one of the most recent being a book on Health and Well-being in Early Childhood which outlines some of the neuroscientific research that sheds light on how young children develop resilience and how practitioners can support children’s mental health and wellbeing.  She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Level 1 Theraplay Practitioner and a Level 1 Sensory Attachment Intervention Practitioner.

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Dr Richard Churches

Dr Richard Churches is Lead Adviser for Education Reform and Evidence-Based Practice at Education Development Trust. He has led many major large-scale government policy initiatives in England and across the world.  He is the author of ‘Teacher-Led Research’ and ‘Neuroscience for Teachers’ (with Eleanor Dommett and Ian Devonshire).

The potential of teacher-led randomised controlled trials to advance the science of learning

There is a ‘democratic deficit’ in education research. In contrast to medicine and healthcare, where often serving clinicians publish studies on clinical practice, in education few practitioner studies reach journals or get disseminated. Further, those researchers who do study or design pedagogy often no longer practice as teachers. In a wide range of projects, from Columbia to Australia, Richard has been training and supporting teachers to design and deliver high quality randomised controlled trials, paralleling gold standard research in clinical practice. In England, in one such project, teachers worked with neuroscientists to design and deliver 34 science of learning informed trials and replications. This presentation will discuss these projects and the potential of such approaches to advance the translation of laboratory evidence into classroom practice.

Jackie Wilson

Jackie is on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation and the ecosystem around them to grow healthy thriving minds.

Empower Education came to life because of Jackie’s own experience with low self-worth and poor mental health during her teens and adulthood, she feels lucky to have walked a path of self-discovery and transform her life.  She believes every child, no matter their background, gender, ability, race or religion has an unlimited potential, and CAN be successful in life.  Her ‘SELF Education’ programmes are the missing link in a child’s education and a key to improving our mental health.  She runs workshops, programmes and 1-1 interventions in schools, along with well-being INSET days for educators and consults on whole school well-being.

Jackie is passionate about early intervention which she believes is crucial, and has co-founded the ‘Emotions Toolkit’, a unique and valuable resource to support children in unlocking their super power, learning to self-regulate their emotions.  Her passion of neuroscience is woven into teacher and parent trainings, and also teaches children from 7+ about our amazing brain.

Jackie is a Mum to 3 children between 11-22, she is a trained yoga and mindfulness teacher, counsellor and an empowerment coach. She wholeheartedly believes in collaboration, and she co-leads ‘Teachers Come First’ Conferences and ‘Positively Empowered Kids’ Network and Festivals and is also a keynote speaker and author.






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Amanda Frolich Biography Picture

Amanda Frolich

Amanda Frolich is an award winning celebrity children’s entertainer and CEO of Amanda’s Action Club, the world’s most fun, physical development concept teaching preschool children how to be healthy and active from an early age.


Having spent 28 years working within the early years sector she was invited by the children’s activity association to become the Children’s First Champion in parliament, encouraging policy-makers to put children first at the heart of all decision-making. 


Her global animation TV series featuring Action Amanda on different missions to create a world of endless possibilities and adventure, is going to take the world by storm in 2020 and this Wonder Woman is certainly one to watch!

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