About Dr Mine Conkbayir

Dr Mine Conkbayir is a lecturer, award-winning author and trainer. She has worked in the field of early childhood education and care for over 17 years. Mine is the winner of the Nursery Management Today (NMT) Top 5 Most Inspirational People in Childcare Award.

She has recently completed a PhD in early childhood education and neuroscience to develop her work in the complex and challenging subject of infant brain development. Her key objective is to bridge the gap between neuroscience and Early Years discourse and practice. She hopes that her research will provide the necessary evidence to seek solutions to this persistent issue, with the ultimate goal of enhancing provision for babies, children and young adults.

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Hello and welcome to my website!

I am passionate about enabling adults to make those early, formative experiences for babies and children as nurturing and meaningful as possible. It is those interactions and relationships as part of these experiences, that shape brain development and subsequent emotional responses, across the life trajectory. Harnessing reliable evidence provided by neuroscience can strengthen understanding of how the brain develops and grows in response to these experiences – and what we need to change for the sake of the child’s immediate and long-term wellbeing.
My point? If parents and practitioners alike, have accessible information concerning the impact of their behaviour and responses on children’s brain development and holistic well-being, perhaps they could do a few things differently. Neuroscience provides us with cutting-edge data that when used appropriately, can support parents – and those working with our youngest citizens to consider the whole child: how their earliest experiences and relationships impact at the level of the brain, their consequent behaviour and ultimately, their ability to survive and thrive in life.

“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”

Rita Pierson, Educator