Mine is the author of Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues (20 Nov 2014) and author of a second book, Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice (12 Jan 2017), which achieved the High Commendation award in the Best Professional Book category of the Nursery World Awards 2017. The book is receiving positive feedback from professionals within the sector and in the wider community.
The book is fast becoming required reading across a range of level 3 child care qualifications, foundation and BA Hons degree programmes and continual professional development (CPD) programmes across the Early Years field.
Nursery World Awards 2017 Highly Commended
Early Childhood and Neuroscience by Mine Conkbayir
Early Childhood and Neuroscience
The inspiration behind Mine’s latest book is her passionate belief that neuroscience should be embedded in all child care qualifications and Early Years curricula. Just as lecturers and practitioners alike, draw on child development theorists to understand behaviour, neuroscience is giving us powerful insights to the brain and the direct, long-term impact that all experiences, especially care-giving, exert on the brain’s architecture and consequent behaviour. Professionals working with and on behalf of children, can no longer afford to ignore the evidence and instead, need to use this to inform their practice.
Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues
Having a good grasp of the theories of child development and how these translate into practice can make a positive difference to how you understand babies and children and the ways in which you can help them learn. This approachable guide offers easy access to a wide range of concepts, as well as classic and current theories, about how babies and children learn.
Early Childhood Theories and Contemprary Issues by Mine Conkbayir
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Mine writes extensively on a range of subjects concerning children’s wellbeing and development. This includes teacher training, Early Years, continuing professional development, psychology and youth studies. Her articles regularly feature in publications including Teach Early Years, the Times Educational Supplement (TES), Cache Alumni and Early Years Childcarer Magazine. Mine is well known for her creative and accessible style and her articles and books are designed to support provision across the Early Years sector as well as all professionals working with and on behalf of babies, children and young adults.

A FABULOUS addition to my bookshelf. Thanks for writing this book Mine. I’ve recommended it to all my students (who are scrambling to buy a copy). A long overdue look at childhood from an evidence-based neuroscience perspective, no pseudoscience, no hype, AND an enjoyable read. You’re my new hero!

Sarah McKay, Neuroscientist, TEDx speaker, science communicator and Founder of The Neuroscience Academy.

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