Dr Mine Conkbayir is one of the country’s most widely respected trainers in Early Years education.

Her unique approach, presenting concepts of Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation based on years of research into the neuroscience of the developing brain, has proven revelatory in settings across the UK.

There are two main routes to accessing Dr Conkbayir’s award-winning training services; she offers a bespoke training consultancy service for settings with a specific requirement, or you can sign up for one of her self-directed online learning programmes.

Training Consultancy

Dr Conkbayir’s training consultancy service is designed to work around your needs. This could be anything from a one-off phone-call to an on-going large scale project. Consultancy projects can include bespoke whole team training and on-going monitoring until staff feel satisfied that their required outcomes have been met.

Mine is frequently called upon to help solve a specific area of concern, identify a solution to ongoing problem and enhance particular areas of provision in the setting .

Online Learning

Dr Conkbayir’s neuroscience-based approach to understanding the developing brain and applying that understanding to real-world child nurturing and development has won admirers, awards and accolades across the Early Years sector.

Conscious of the time challenges that EY professionals face when working on their own personal development, Mine has long recognised the important role that online learning, undertaken at the learner’s pace and timetable, must play in CPD across education.

With that in mind she has developed two award-winning online programmes designed to enhance your understanding of the developing brain.

Mine Conkbayir Online Programme Self Regulation in Early years

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for delivering your training on achieving trauma-informed practice. You spoke with such passion, that we are sure no one left the event without feeling motivated to start the change!

Early Years Improvement Officer

Wow! Yesterday was amazing and so inspirational x Mine you really know how to light the room with your enthusiasm x All of my team including myself came away feeling empowered and confident to make changes which will have such a positive impact. I really can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to our next meeting!

Jayne Windsor, Manager, Clare House Nursery, Somerset
Thank you so much for your training on achieving trauma-informed practice. It was incredible, thought provoking, reflective and practice changing.

ALL childcare practitioners/parents – anyone in the wonderful position to be in contact with children NEED to be aware of Dr Mine Conkbayir, her insight and utter brilliance.

Training Attendee
“Play before Pencils” – how can we protect children from the unabashed schoolification of childhood? This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended!
Webinar Attendee
I was just blown away last night! The best webinar I’ve attended – I learned so much from all of you. Every school needs to hear this. Still buzzing!
Webinar Attendee