Welcome to Self Reg: Get Set GO! - an invaluable toolkit of training resources created by Dr Mine Conkbayir and Ursula Krystek-Walton.

This is a one-stop-shop for all Early Years (EY) practitioners who want to prioritise the emotional wellbeing of children and staff in their setting, arranged into three "modules":

  1. Education and Awareness
  2. Practice
  3. Environments

Each module contains an introductory video and a curated collection of downloadable policy templates, success stories, Power Point presentations, lesson plans and resources for practitioners to use with their teams, and links to related research. In order to get the best out of this we ask you to complete it in the order given, so we have presented it a little bit like an online training course - don;t panic, there are no exams!

Once practitioners have worked their way through the three modules, their setting will be ready to leave behind behaviour management and instead be embedded in self-regulation (SR) policies and practice.

Mine and Ursula hope to be able to have Live Q&As on social media – key to addressing any concerns that may arise while engaging with the Forum and in helping practitioners to overcome any challenges to achieving SR - but you can post a question to the community at any time by using the Question? button on the left hand side of the screen. You can also answer questions - both questions and answers will be moderated and if necessary edited by Mine or Ursula before going "live", so you may have to wait for an answer, but if you click the "follow" checkbox you will be notified of any answers or updates.

Let's get started on your Self Regulation Journey!

Module 1Education and Awareness
Lesson 1Education and Awareness 1: Introduction 
Lesson 2Education & Awareness 2: Videos 
Lesson 3Education and Awareness 3: Resources 
Module 2Practice
Lesson 1Practice 1: Introduction 
Lesson 2Practice 2: Videos 
Lesson 3Practice 3: Resources 
Module 3Environments
Lesson 1Environments 1: Introduction 
Lesson 2Environments 2: Videos 
Lesson 3Environments 3: Resources