Infinite thanks to the inimitable Trisha Goddard for inviting me into the TalkTV studio to get on my soapbox about… ADH’D’.

As an ADH’D’er, I feel it is critical to get the language right and set the record straight.

Tune in to find out more:

Just tuned in. Brilliant dialogue  great presentation! You bring so many important points around the need to change how we view and support ADH’D’er children and their families. I’m so glad you highlighted the lack of creativity and focus on physical education – as well as the therapeutic role of play to support children. Society needs to change, not the child!!! Keep up the amazing

I love how you put things into words that my partner isn’t able to. This helps me to have more of an insight into his experience as an ADHDer, so, thank you. I wish more people understood.xx