Self-Reg: Get Set Go! Questions

Self-Reg: Get Set Go! Questions2022-04-17T12:19:13+01:00


This page is for you to ask questions relating to the theory and practice of Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation. If you need an answer directly from Mine or Ursula, please remember that we are both extremely busy and it may take us a while to get back to you!

Asking Questions:
  • Please keep your questions relevant, and help keep them organised by choosing a category from the drop-down list.
  • The “Tech Support” category is to ask about technical issues only, as those questions don’t go to Mine or Ursula.
  • Please keep questions polite and professional!
  • If you have questions about your payment, or your account, or anything else non SR-related, please use the Contact page.
  • We may add questions & answers that we feel will be useful to everyone to the “FAQ” below; by submitting a question you agree that we can add it to the FAQ if we wish to.


How can I find out more?2022-04-17T12:13:18+01:00

You can find more information about self-regulation and some suggested further reading by checking out the USEFUL RESOURCES button in the dashboard. Plus, anyone signed up to Self Reg: Get Set GO! is able to buy Mine’s award-winning Introduction to Self-Regulation training programme for the massively discounted price of £29!

How can I get the brain model video to play in the power point?2022-04-17T12:16:59+01:00

You can find more information aThe “Handy Brain Model” video should be playable from the “Videos” section of the first part of the training, “Education and Awareness”. It isn’t included in any of the Powerpoint presentations, and I’m afraid we don’t allow sharing or downloading for copyright reasons, but anyone who is a logged-in purchaser of Self-Reg: Get Set GO! should be able to watch the video here:

Get Set Go!


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