What you need to know about achieving a child-centred approach

Module 1Journey 1: Understanding self-regulation and its development
Lesson 1Introduction to Journey 1 
Lesson 2Path 1: What is self-regulation (SR)? 
Lesson 3Path 2: When and how does SR begin? 
Lesson 4Path 3: What SR is not 
Lesson 5Path 4: Your role in scaffolding children’s self-regulation 
Lesson 6Path 5: Teaching children about their brains – part of your daily practice 
Module 2Journey 2: How stress derails healthy brain development
Lesson 1Introduction to Journey 2 
Lesson 2Path 1: What is stress? 
Lesson 3Path 2: Is stress that bad? 
Lesson 4Path 3: Stressed children – help! 
Lesson 5Path 4: The ABC of behaviour – do you always consider these when responding to behaviour? 
Lesson 6Path 5: ‘Where are you?’ 
Module 3Journey 3: How to effectively support self-regulation in the early years curriculum
Lesson 1Introduction to Journey 3 
Lesson 2Path 1: The dangers of ‘behaviour management’ policies and strategies 
Lesson 3Path 2: Re-thinking your responses to behaviours 
Lesson 4Path 3: YOUR existing policies 
Lesson 5Path 4: YOUR existing practices 
Lesson 6Path 5: YOUR action plan for change