Complaints Procedure

At Mine Conkbayir Consultancy (MCC), we appreciate that you have chosen to complete this programme in your own time and have perhaps invested in it using your own finances. We will therefore do all we can to ensure that you enjoy your experience while completing the online training Programme, making the process as easy and efficient as possible.

We understand however, that on occasion, some factors can inhibit the learning experience from going as smoothly as we would expect it to. In the event that you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of the Programme, follow these simple steps to make a complaint:

  1. Raise your complaint in writing and send it to We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by return of email. If we have not acknowledged receipt of your complaint within two working days, please assume that we have not received the complaint and send it again.
  2. We will consider and investigate your complaint as quickly as is reasonably practicable and will notify you of our findings within seven working days. We will provide an explanation of our findings and where we consider we should act upon your complaint we will do so, telling you what action we propose to undertake.
  3. If, following our management of your complaint you are not satisfied with our findings or our method of resolving the complaint you may appeal our decision. You need to do this by writing an email to within seven days after notification of our findings has been sent to you, with the subject/heading: ‘Appeal against Complaint Findings’, setting out the reasons why you do not agree with our findings. Cache will then investigate your complaint with a view to reaching the best solution for all parties concerned.