Lesson One

The neuroscience of attachment

Lesson Two

What causes attachment disorders?

Lesson Three

How to identify an insecurely attached child

Lesson Four

Supporting people with insecure or disorganised attachment

Lesson Five

The three types of stress and their impact on wellbeing and learning

Lesson Six

The good, the bad and the ugly – how excessive cortisol impairs early brain development

Lesson Seven

The role of the HPA axis in stress response

Lesson Eight

Interventions to support healthy parental responses

Lesson Nine

Types of early adversity and the impact of each one on psychological and emotional development

Lesson Ten

The brain and self-regulation

Lesson Eleven

The cycle of abuse and crime

Lesson Twelve

Strategies to cultivate emotional resilience and positive changes in behaviour

Lesson Thirteen

Approaches to cultivating resilience in children and young adults