Mine Conkbayir
Teach Early Years Awards 2018

I’m Dr Mine Conkbayir, the founder of this Programme, Applying Neuroscience to Early Intervention. I am passionate about bridging the knowledge gap between early years discourse and practice and neuroscience. While it is true that neuroscience is enjoying worthy attention at present, all too often I observe abundant neuromyths abound which are all too readily accepted as the truth. My vision is to make reliable evidence-based information easily accessible for all professionals who support children, young adults and their families, to build their understanding while dispelling some of the more relevant neuromyths. If individuals have accessible information and support concerning the impact of their life choices on their children’s health and well-being, perhaps they might be able to do a few things differently. Neuroscience provides us with cutting-edge data that when used appropriately, can support parents – and those working with our youngest citizens to consider the whole child: how their earliest experiences and relationships impact at the level of the brain, their consequent behaviour and ultimately, their ability to survive and thrive in life.

Who is this Applying Neuroscience to Early Intervention Programme for?

This Programme has been specifically designed for all professionals who work with or on behalf of children and their families. This includes (but is not exclusive to) early years teachers, the police force, health visitors, nursery staff, nannies and child minders – and parents! It will also be useful to those who make decisions about children in their early years, including social workers and legal professionals. The accompanying Workbook and resources are therefore bespoke, to best support you in line with your specific needs.

Professor Chris Pascal says of the Programme:

Overwhelmingly and first and foremost I am deeply impressed by it all. It is coherent, clear, accessible and full of practice based interpretation and wisdom. You are a great teacher Mine – you convey really complex ideas and information with clarity and depth. I think the Programme will offer a great contribution to the sector’s CPD menu and you deserve this to be a fantastic success.