Academic assessments exist to help you learn and to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. Good academic practice is the process of completing your academic work independently and honestly; using the appropriate academic style and with all sources fully acknowledged (usually in line with the Harvard method). If you feel unsure about referencing, contact Mine at for guidance on how to do this.


Plagiarism is using, without acknowledgement, someone else’s ideas or work. If you submit an assignment that contains work that is not your own, without clearly indicating this to the marker (fully acknowledging your sources using the rules of the specified academic referencing style), you are committing ‘plagiarism’ and this is academic misconduct. This might occur when (but is not limited to):

  • using a choice phrase or sentence that you have translated from another source
  • copying word-for-word directly from a text or other source
  • paraphrasing or translating the words from a text or other source very closely
  • using text downloaded from the internet, including social networks
  • copying or downloading figures, photographs, pictures or diagrams without acknowledging your sources
  • copying comments or notes from a tutor


Where plagiarism has been identified by the Assessor, Cache will be notified, with achievement possibly being withheld from the learner.